About Us

RosebayTech is a recent entrant in the competitive market of Tech support solution providers. RosebayTech works with businesses to develop solutions so that they can provide additional services and/or generate additional income streams through their respective customers. 

RosebayTech was established in July 2023 with the vision of becoming a leading innovator in emerging technologies and an incubation centre for future technology-based businesses. Since then, RosebayTech has built an experienced & competent team to focus on Digital IT operation support, Data analytics, DevOps and much more. During a short period, RosebayTech is expecting to expand its global presence. 

The main areas of focus are:

•Empower service providers to fulfil their IT standards and SLA

•Create new revenue streams for clients, by enabling instant & frictionless service

•Help create increased customer loyalty for clients, by enabling relevant service ecosystem

•Positively impact people’s daily lives, by offering the most relevant transaction channels & Ecosystem

•Customer aftercare and maintenance packages

Services provided:

•Professional Consulting services to help clients in their cloud transformation journey

•Market-centric software Solutions support  for Banking, Telecom, Retail sectors and other 

•Manage Services to help clients through technical expertise to ensure optimised profit margins